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La vidéo est l'un des moyens actuels les plus attractifs pour promouvoir et diffuser de l'information. Elle générera plus d’engagement que tout autre support digital, c’est plus de 60% du trafic internet.

Notre équipe d'Ynceptionneurs vous propose leurs diverses compétences audiovisuelles : Conception/ Réalisation/ Cadrage/ Montage/ VFX/ Habillage graphique/ Étalonnage/ Enregistrement son studio (voix)/ Mixage son.

En fonction de vos projets, nous créons ensemble les vidéos dont vous avez besoin et qui vous ressemblent.

Notre équipe saura répondre et gérer tous vos projets vidéo de la conception à la réalisation.

Consultez notre catalogue vidéo ci dessous 

Alpha Steppa x Nai-Jah - Omo Kibish [Music Video] | Dub Reggae [Steppas]
Steppas Records

Alpha Steppa x Nai-Jah - Omo Kibish [Music Video] | Dub Reggae [Steppas]

♫ Listen on Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music etc. ➜ 💿 Vinyl, Merch & More ➜ ➜ Download (MP3/WAV/FLAC/AIFF) ➜ Download | ➜ Vinyl & CD | ➜ Spotify | 🔥 Subscribe | From the album Raise The Ark by Alpha Steppa 🎥 Video by Cynthia Bitar (special thanks for the beautiful video!) [Parts of the footage from Pexels] Support Us: Bandcamp | Official Vinyl, Dubplates, CDs, Merch | Follow Nai-Jah Instagram | Facebook | YouTube | Follow Alpha Steppa / Steppas Records Spotify | Instagram | YouTube | Facebook | Lyrics: A child is born Things will never be the same The fabric is torn From the hips to the omo valley Hominin with skin Suited to the sun in heat Melanin within Well rooted, rooted like the soil to her feet Omo Kibish So sung, so sung Omo Kibish So sung two partial skulls To the far flung corners of the globe An unsung story unfolds The half that's never been told As the patchwork pieces paint a picture of the cradle of a species Fables turn tables Like flint to the flame Longing for labels The half that's never been told Omo Kibish So sung, so sung Omo Kibish So sing the silent name Omo Kibish So sing my mother's name Omo Kibish So sing the silent name Omo Kibish So sing my father's name Omo Kibish The half that's never been told Omo Kibish [Written by Alpha Steppa] Mood: omo kibish raise the ark nai-jah reggae 2021 dub music reggae dub reggae music dub bass steppas soundsystem alpha steppa dub family alpha and omega channel one stand high patrol alpha and omega dub dynasty odg prod king shiloh king tubby panda dub aba shanti obf sound system jah shaka roots reggae sound system session live music street music festival music conscious music evidence music biga ranx brother culture mr bongo dub fx mystic revelation npr music baiana system bob marley sumac dub mungo's hi fi manudigital pupajim charlie p don fe radikal guru sinai sound system o.b.f cian finn dubkasm vibronics fikir amlak kanka brain damage martin campbell burning spear alpha & omega protoje koffee chronixx skip marley damien marley ziggy marley mad professor high tone mellow mood paolo baldini egoless dennis brown gregory isaacs albarosie musica para fumar smoking music reggae mix dub music 420 music musica reggae reggae songs 2020 reggae songs 2021 chill reggae music reggae songs reggae mix reggae internacional psydub dub session stepper sound system dub dynasty electronic dub uk dub roots electronic music dub selection reggae selection soundsystem sub cannabis dubplate deep roots 420 marijuana bass weed rastafari ganja reggae mix dub session dub music bass music reggae music 2020 reggae music 2021 reggae 2021 dub reggae stepper #alphasteppa #naijah #steppas
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